About me

My Journey

I have been psychically and spiritually connected to the other side since I was a small child--seeing things that others around me just couldn't. The psychic link in my family goes back several generations, and as I grew to adulthood  Spirituality walked hand in hand in a natural way with me. my spiritual journey has been both exciting and rewarding. I began reading palms in my early teens and I have been reading the Tarot for 23 years. I offer simple and clear answers to your most important questions with an honest discreet and time efficient reading.  I am not here to sugar coat anything, I use my spirit guides to help bring fourth information and clarity into your reading—what i hear, see and feeI, i will share…with honesty and compassion.  As a Certified Energy Worker, I access Life Energy using Reiki techniques and passes that connect on to my clients. As a Crystal Healer, I capitalize on the healing qualities of naturally occurring crystals, stones and gems. I am a natural born empath & healer. I provide authentic Energy readings, tarot readings, energy healings & consulting. My highly successful results have helped so many people through every situation life throws at them, I was born with a gift to bring clarity, happiness, direction, guidance & symmetry to those in need. I can tell you the past as it was, the present as it is, and the future as it will be. My readings are not based on time. please feel free to go through the website to find out more about me and my services.

I am a love & relationship expert but also can guide you through any life aspect such as

business & career





negative energy

third party removal

past, present & future.

Message For All

There Comes A Time In Each Of Our Lives That We Feel LOST And Begin To DOUBT Oneself. NOW There's Something You Can do to Change That! Reaching OUT Isn't A Sign Of Weakness But Rather A Sign Of STRENGTH!! Love & Light